Industrial Machinery and Components

Transform your enterprise to keep pace with the new digital economy.

In today’s markets, industrial machinery and components manufacturing are under constant pressure to balance their costs and the quality of their products and services with the constant need to innovate. This can prove difficult as modern industrial machines become ever more complex and engineering operations become increasingly global in scale. Companies need to enhance their ability to manage complicated bills of materials and coordinate highly distributed subassemblies for products with long lifecycles.


Our expertise in the latest SAP technologies and deep experience in the industrial machinery and components manufacturing allows us to develop and enable innovative solutions that drive outcomes and accelerate your strategic objectives. From Integrated Product and Process Engineering to Manufacturing Execution Systems, our strategy-first approach allow us to deliver the right SAP technologies necessary for your company to pursue long-term and sustainable business success.


SAP Integrated Product & Process Engineering
Leverage specialized SAP PLM tools to manage global engineering operations, from bill of materials and engineering changes, to new product development and introduction cycles.

SAP ECC Process Integration and Analytics
Streamline processes such as order confirmation and quality management with SAP ECC integration while gaining real-time visibility into material consumption and quality and delivery performance with SAP-enabled analytics.

SAP Manufacturing Execution System
Connect the shop floor with business systems using SAP powered manufacturing execution systems for complete component and material-level visibility and control.

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization 
Plan and coordinate processes and operations across large complex value chains using SAP APO-based solutions, from supply network management and production planning, to sales and operations.


Customized solutions and services, from design to implementation

Flexible solutions capable of managing complex configurable products

Enables companies to maximize their ECC investments and enhance production quality

Key SAP Technologies

SAP Product Lifecycle Management

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence

SAP Manufacturing Execution

Business Analysis

SAP IOT services

Business Analysis

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization Solutions

Business Analysis

SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness Management

Business Analysis

SAP Event Management

Business Analysis

SAP Vehicle Management System