Leverage world class outsourcing services to drive IT value at lower costs.

Whether you aim to address specific resource gaps or offload entire workloads to better allocate internal resources, our global services can provide you with the technical teams and capabilities necessary to address your needs across the entire spectrum of IT domains. Our specialization in strategic IT outsourcing is built on a rigorous assessment of your processes and performance, creating a customized high-performance outsourcing plan that is attuned to the specific goals and needs of your business.

Systems and Application Management

Regardless of the scale, scope, or complexity of your systems and application ecosystem, our systems administration professionals possess the technical expertise and mastery of the latest industry standards necessary to ramp up the performance of your IT systems and drive the transformation of your business's technological capabilities.

Leverage expert technical support and advanced administration tools to ensure the end-to-end security and stability of your applications and systems.

Optimize performance with seamless system-wide automated software updates to keep you current with clients, partners and vendors.

Identify capability gaps in systems and processes and get expert recommendations on how to address them in ways that are aligned with your needs and objectives.

Accelerated problem resolution and response times to critical database issues.

Reduced DBA and maintenance costs while leverage world class expertise to enhance performance

Expert support across a wide range of databases, from Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB to Cloud environments

Database Management

Our database administration services allow you to operate with full confidence that your database systems operate at optimum performance levels, at the highest standards of security, and with maximum availability. Our advanced management system programs allow us to manage and maintain your database while driving results by developing and implementing new practices and procedures necessary to address capability gaps and achieve results.

Application and Software Development

By outsourcing application development to us, your business is able to leverage the technical expertise needed to obtain the right solution for your specific needs. With extensive experience in Java and Microsoft .Net technologies, our professionals are able to deliver high-performance applications built to your requirements and aligned with your strategic roadmap and with a strong emphasis on employee usability and cross-platform functionality.

Professional application development services using Java technologies (Java, J2EE, Websphere, Weblogic, ATG, EJB, Java Script etc), Microsoft .Net, and PHP.

Local and remote accessibility with cross-platform functionalities for seamless usability and integration.

High quality, end-to-end services from development, testing, implementation, and training.

Comprehensive quality assurance and performance testing services.

In-depth computer systems validation.

Collaborative partnership aimed at delivering expert technical recommendations to drive performance.

Quality Assurance

Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive application quality assurance services that test your applications based on a strong understanding of the business needs that underly your specifications. We perform both manual and automated testing services across design, development and implementation to continuously monitor performance and improve productivity. We enable you to maintain full visibility into your technological processes and deliver professional recommendations for updates and changes needed to optimize your technology’s performance in alignment with your business requirements.

IT Staffing Services

Having the right tool is not enough without the right talent to back it up. Based on a deep understanding of your goals and roadmaps for growth, our staffing services partner you with the right IT specialist best suited to help you achieve success. From recruitment to retention and training, our staffing services are committed to helping you to maximize your IT workflows and ensure that you have top IT talent behind your technologies.

Reliable staffing services across various IT disciplines and domains.

End-to-end service from review, recruitment, and retention.

Expert training services to further cultivate talent and bring out their potential.

On-demand training sessions in both classrooms and virtual environments.

Custom designed courses and training modules tailored to client-specific requirements.

Quality training in new business processes and technologies necessary to keep your workforce’s skills current with your needs.

Training and Education

Our IT professionals and consultants are fully equipped to deliver the technical training necessary to not only keep your organization’s capabilities current, but also take them to the next level. We provide specialized training sessions that acquaint participants with new business processes and technologies needed to enhance their skill sets and drive their performance.


Key benefits

Business Analysis
Offshore Support

Obtain offshore support options to increase your bandwidth, enabling you to reduce cycle times and meet the highest standards of service quality.

Secure and Fast IT Processes

Employ industry-best practices to ensure quality output on time and in accordance with your needs.

Reduced Costs

Leverage world-class expertise and technology solutions without the costs of developing these resources internally.

Single Source for all IT Outsourcing

From turnkey projects and staffing to implementations, leverage a full range of IT services that are sensitive to your needs and focused on your success.


SAP has proven effective in maximizing cloud benefits, streamlining
business processes and analytics, and deploying new technologies.

We help you fully tap and unlock SAP potential by providing you expert consulting on how you can
make the most of your SAP investments.