Transform your enterprise to keep pace with the new digital economy.

The accelerating convergence of automation, data exchange, and digital technologies in the manufacturing sector is opening up both new opportunities for growth and complex challenges that today’s companies need to address to remain relevant. As supply chains grow increasingly global in scope, manufacturers need to leverage the right practices and technologies to achieve the operational visibility and coordination necessary to effectively manage complex value chains and succeed in the current industry landscape.


Our deep industry experience, expert services, and innovative solutions allow us to provide manufacturing companies with the best IT solutions and the support needed to gain real-time visibility into their operations and optimize their processes, regardless of scope or complexity. From Integrated Manufacturing solutions to Supply Chain Management systems, our specialists can help you configure your technology base to integrate top-level business with the shop floor, providing support across all critical functions and domains.


SAP Product Lifecycle Management Integration
Seamlessly and comprehensively manage products lifecycles, from design all the way through various engineering changes, with CAD and manufacturing systems integration and synchronization between EBOM and MBOM.

SAP Document Management Systems
Enhance coordination with suppliers with streamline document management that can be extended to Work instructions, Quality documents, Design drawings.

SAP Portfolio and Project Management
Achieve fine control over manufacturing across all engineering centers with specialized project management tools for every part and component while leveraging project analytics for deep visibility into operational performance and outcomes.

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization
Plan and coordinate processes and operations across large complex value chains using SAP APO-based solutions, from supply network management and production planning, to sales and operations.


Flexible solutions and end-to-end services, from design to implementation

Expertly designed systems for a distributed landscape

Globally scalable solutions, across all products, engineering plants, and distribution centers

Key SAP Technologies

SAP Product Lifecycle Management

HANA Analytics

Mobile Applications for Task Management

Business Analysis

SAP Document Management Systems

Business Analysis

SAP Lumira Reporting

Business Analysis

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization Solutions

Business Analysis

SAP Event Management

Business Analysis

SAP Vehicle Management System